DC Record-Sealing Masterclass

DC Expungement and Record-Sealing Masterclass

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

1:00 PM

via Zoom

The first and only expungement and record-sealing masterclass in Washington, DC where you learn how to seal your criminal record.


This masterclass is ideal for individuals with arrests in Washington, DC where the charges have been dismissed.  In this comprehensive masterclass you’ll learn the insider secrets on:

  1. Why you need to expunge your DC arrest record, whether or not your offense ever made it to court
  2. What you need to know about the DC record-sealing process
  3. How to request a copy of your DC criminal record
  4. What to put in a motion to seal your criminal record
  5. How to successfully file your record-sealing motion


Register by Tuesday, April 6th

Standard Package




  1. Record-Sealing Workbook
  2. Sample request for criminal record (bonus)
  3. 30-days access to Masterclass replay
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Record-Sealing Masterclass: Standard Package

Deluxe Coaching Package




  1. Record-Sealing Workbook
  2. Sample request for criminal record (bonus)
  3. 90-days access to Masterclass replay
  4. Sample record-sealing motion template (bonus)
  5. Three weeks of group coaching meetings with Attorney Hannah Akintoye, who will walk you through the entire record-sealing process and answer your questions
  6. Access to discounted individual coaching sessions at $79 for 30 minute sessions
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Record-Sealing Masterclass: Deluxe Coaching Package
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About the Speaker

Attorney Hannah Akintoye is a leading criminal defense and expungement attorney in Washington, DC.  As the founder and managing attorney of Hannah Akintoye Law, PLLC,

Attorney Akintoye has handled thousands of criminal matters and has successfully expunged and sealed numerous arrest records since the start of her decade-long career.

Attorney Akintoye is passionate about ensuring that those who make the mistake of getting arrested, and those who are wrongfully arrested have the opportunity to start fresh in life without their criminal record holding them back.

Attorney Akintoye is a strong advocate for those she represents and as a result, has achieved favorable outcomes for many of her clients.