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A Civil Protection Order Could Put Your Domestic Violence Relationship To An End

Relationships with partners, family members, and roommates should never:

    • Be physically or mentally abusive,
    • Be manipulative or traumatic, or
    • Make you afraid to end the relationship.

If any of these situations apply to you, then you need a D.C. civil protection order (CPO) attorney now.


We Are DC's Premiere CPO Law Firm, And We Are Here To Help.

    • Never show up to court without the help of an attorney. If you have an attorney and your abuser does not, you now have an advantage.
    • If you're living with or sharing children with your abuser, we can help protect you and your loved ones from further abuse.
    • Let us use our premiere legal expertise to effectively handle your CPO case and get you the freedom you deserve. We’ve handled some of the toughest abusive situations.

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What Our Previous Clients Say About Us:


“Attorney Akintoye was very professional when working on my case. Her research is thorough and she was attentive. What I liked most is how she really helped to translate all the law jargon.”


“Attorney Hannah Akintoye is very professional in her services. She knows the law relevant to the case! Her presentations are on point and very persuasive. Her knowledge reveals her level of comprehension of the task at hand. I am very satisfied and pleased with having her to represent me! I would recommend her to anyone in need of legal representation or advice. Her services are excellent and professional!”


“… Hannah was amazing. Never made me feel different or judged, she was always honest and open with communication. She made me feel so comfortable through a scary process and I knew I could count on her the whole time. If ever in trouble, she is my lawyer!!!!”

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Meet Attorney Hannah Akintoye


Attorney Hannah Akintoye is DC’s premiere civil protection order (CPO) and domestic violence lawyer.  As the managing attorney at Hannah Akintoye Law, PLLC, Attorney Akintoye is dedicated to achieving the best possible outcome for each and every client.

Attorney Akintoye has handled CPO cases since the start of her career and has experienced almost every scenario imaginable.  Attorney Akintoye advocates for all client needs and as a result, has achieved favorable outcomes for many of her clients.

Attorney Hannah Akintoye received her bachelor’s degree from The Pennsylvania State University and went on to attend law school at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law where she obtained her Juris Doctor degree. While attending the University of Pittsburgh, she also completed the necessary coursework to obtain her litigation certificate from the university.

Attorney Akintoye’s experience is widespread. She has worked for a general practice firm handling both civil and criminal matters, and has also worked with various public interest organizations due to her longstanding dedication to the community.

Before opening her law firm, Attorney Akintoye also worked for several years in public defense, during which time she represented hundreds of individuals in jury trial and bench trial matters. Through her experiences, she has developed advanced skills in courtroom litigation, which she embraces when representing clients in court.

Attorney Akintoye is dedicated to fighting for justice.  She takes a diligent approach to every client matter, and strives to obtain the best possible resolution in every case.

At Hannah Akintoye Law, PLLC, We Help You Live A More Fulfilling Life By Helping You Break Free From Abusive Relationships.